1. Satay Skewers
Skewers of chicken grilled to perfection. Served with curried peanut sauce and cucumber relish (4) $6.25
2. Fish Cakes
Minced fish kneaded with chili paste, deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce and cucumber $6.95
3. Fried Tofu
Deep fried tofu served with sweet peanut sauce $4.50
4. Fried or Steamed Vegetables
Deep fried or steamed fresh vegetables served with sweet peanut sauce $5.50
5. Fresh Spring Rolls
Lettuce, mint leaf, bean sprout and carrot wrapped in rice paper, served with plum sauce and peanuts
Vegetable........ (2) $2.75
Chicken........ (2) $3.25
Shrimp........ (2) $3.75
6. Fried Spring Rolls
Crispy spring rolls filled with shredded vegetables and noodles, served with sweet chili sauce
Vegetable........ (2) $2.75
Chicken........ (2) $2.75
Shrimp........ (2) $3.25
7. Shrimp Rolls
Marinated shrimp wrapped in egg roll shells, then deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce (8) $6.50
8. Fried Squid
Marinated squid deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce $7.50
9. Vegetarian Mee Krob
Crispy rice noodles topped with sautéed chopped vegetables and water chestnuts. Served with lettuce $6.95
10. Sweet Mee Krob
Crispy rice noodles topped with shrimp, chicken and bean sprouts in sweet sauce $6.95
11. Mee Krob Lettuce Wraps
Crispy rice noodles topped with sautéed chicken and water chestnuts, served wth lettuce and hot chili sauce $6.95
12. Dumplings
Steamed or fried dumplings with ground chicken and shrimp in wrappers
 (5) $5.50


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