Choose your desired spiciness:
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All house special dishes are served with steamed jasmine rice from Thailand

29. Shrimp Clay Pot
Shrimp steamed in a clay pot with vegetables, ginger and clear bean noodles $13.95
Vegetarian........ $10.95 • Chicken........ $11.95
30. Seafood Clay Pot
Seafood combination steamed in a clay pot with clear bean noodles, chili paste, sweet basil, lemon grass and spices $14.95
Vegetarian........ $11.95 • Chicken........ $12.95 • Shrimp........ $13.95 • Squid........ $13.95
31. Goong Chu Chee
Deep fried shrimp with chu chee sauce, chili, coconut cream, young corn, mushroom, basil leaves and steamed broccoli $14.95
Vegetarian........ $11.95
32. Tofu Song Krung
Steamed or fried tofu sauteed in curry paste with chopped chicken, onion and basil leaves $11.95
Vegetarian (no tofu)........ $10.95 • Squid........ $12.95 • Shrimp........ $13.95
33. Goong Gra Tiem
Deep fried shrimp with garlic, ginger, scallions, black pepper and steamed broccoli $14.95
34. Volcano Chicken
Seasoned, lightly battered chicken breast served on sauteed vegetables, topped with special volcano sauce $12.95
Vegetarian........ $10.95 • Shrimp........ $13.95
35. Curry Duck
Roasted duck sautéed in curry sauce with broccoli, green beans, carrots, red bell peppers, mushrooms, tomoatoes,
pineapple and basil leaves $15.95
36. Chili Duck
Roasted duck wth mushroom, young corn, onion, chili and basil leaves $14.95
37. Garlic Duck
Crispy roasted duck stir fried with broccoli, onion, mushroom, garlic and young corn $14.95
38. Sweet & Sour Duck
Roasted duck topped with sweet and sour sauce $13.95
39. Panang Duck
Roasted duck with panang curry sauce, corn, broccoli, red bell peppers, carrots and basil leaves $15.95
40. Pud Phet Duck
Roasted duck with curry paste, onions, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, red bell peppers and basil leaves $14.95
41. Pineapple Curry
Vegetarian........ $11.95 • Chicken........ $11.95 • Chicken & Shrimp........ $13.95
Shrimp or Squid........ $13.95 • Seafood........ $15.95
42. Lemon Grass Garlic Chicken
Stir fried chicken with garlic, chopped lemon grass and onions $11.95
43. Steamed Mixed Vegetables
Steamed mixed vegetables served with your choice of tofu or shrimp with peanut sauce on top
Tofu........ $10.95 • Shrimp........ $13.95


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