Choose your desired spiciness:
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All stir fry dishes are served with steamed jasmine rice from Thailand

Vegetarian........ $9.95 • Chicken........ $9.95 • Pork........ $9.95 • Chicken & Pork........ $11.95
Beef........ $11.95 • Squid........ $12.95 • Shrimp........ $12.95 • Chicken & Shrimp........ $12.95
Scallops........ $13.95 • Seafood Combination........ $13.95

46. Mixed Vegetables
Stir fried broccoli, onion, mushroom, carrot, young corn and napa in a light sauce
47. Pud Broccoli
Stir fried broccoli, mushroom, young corn, napa and carrot
48. Fresh Ginger
Fresh ginger stir fried with mushroom, young corn, onion, celery and green onion
49. Thai Sweet & Sour
Stir fried onion, tomato, young corn, mushroom, pineapple and celery in Thai sweet and sour sauce
50. Peanut Sauce
Steamed spinach and broccoli with young corn, mushroom, carrot and napa stir fried in a rich and creamy peanut sauce
51. Basil
Stir fried vegetables with basil leaves in a light sauce
52. Yellow Curry
Stir fried onion, young corn, celery, mushroom and napa in a creamy yellow curry sauce
53. Garlic Pepper
Stir fried vegetables with ground pepper and fresh garlic
54. String Beans
Stir fried curry paste with string beans, mushroom, ginger, young corn and fresh basil leaves
55. Lemon Grass
Sautéed onion, bamboo shoots, mushroom, lemon grass, fresh basil leaves and curry paste
56. Cashews
Sautéed cashew nuts with fresh basil, bamboo shoots, mushroom, young corn, carrots and curry paste
57. Chili Sauce
Sautéed vegetables with fresh basil leaves in Thai chili sauce
58. Garlic Black Bean
Stir fried vegetables in dark garlic black bean sauce


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